Calculating the Odds in Keno

Keno is a game of chance, so there is no one strategy that will guarantee you a win--or one that will even guarantee some improved odds, visit website for casino sites that offers Keno. It can still be helpful to know how to calculate the odds of a given Keno game, however, so you know where you stand. Knowing the odds can also help you keep a clear head when placing bets.

The Jackpot

The chances of matching all twenty numbers on your Keno card to the numbers randomly called from the Keno booth are very, very slim. Bet on online casinos with good bonus offers. In fact, standing at 3.5 quintillion to 1, they are basically impossible. Thus, putting your hopes in the big jackpot will likely just end in disappointment. The house will always have an edge, and will always take home a significant portion of the pot.

Odds Table

Many online Keno software programs will actually print out odds tables for a particular game of Keno, Casino Titan is a good choice. These tables are calculated by taking into consideration the number of players, the number of Keno tickets, and the randomness of the numbers being called from the booth. While knowing these odds won't improve your chances of winning, they will give you an idea of what your chances are.

Obviously, your Keno odds correspond to the number of matches on your Keno ticket. You have a better chance of matching two out of twenty numbers, for instance, than matching ten out of twenty. Getting six matches is generally considered a good game, and will result in an impressive payout, play at trustworthy casinos online.