Reducing the Blackjack House Edge with Strategy Tips

Blackjack is one of the few online casino games that truly allows players to reduce the house edge by mastering certain strategy tips, play blackjack website can offer. With enough practice and research, players can reduce an already house edge to below 1%, giving players a better chance of winning some serious cash.

Number of Decks and Card Counting

Card counting is one of the most effective ways of reducing the blackjack house edge. Try blackjack in one of the live online casinos When there is only one deck in play, it can be easy to count cards in blackjack. Once the face cards are gone, they're gone until the cards are shuffled again. Players can make educated decisions about each hand, and they will win more often. Unfortunately, almost no land-based casino or online casino uses only one deck. Most casinos will use upwards of three decks of cards, and they will use automatic shufflers to make card counting almost impossible.

Using Blackjack Tables

Some players will insist that only card counting can truly reduce the house's edge in blackjack, but in online blackjack, even this strategy doesn't work. Choose online casinos that offers the best blackjack experience. The only truly effective way of improving the player's game and reducing that edge enough to matter is to use blackjack tables. Blackjack tables are charts that inform players of all of the relevant odds in the game, and encourage players to hit or stand as appropriate. By matching up the pairings of any two cards, players can get the odds that the next card will be high enough to get them to 21 or low enough to keep them from going bust.

Though most land casinos will not allow strategy cards to be used, players can memorize their contents and still make educated decisions in the game, thus reducing the house edge and winning more. Always go for trustworthy casinos online.