History of Craps

If any gambling game has a storied history, it's the complicated dice game of craps. Craps can be enjoyed at onlinegamblingcasinobonus.com website's list of online casinos. Several different cultures claim to have supplied the origins for the game, but no one is entirely sure who has the truth of it. Here are just a few possible ideas about the history and evolution of craps.

Conflicting Reports

There are several games that could serve as the inspiration for craps. Experience craps with the new live online casinos live games. For instance, dice games were played in the ancient Middle East, and one known as al zar or Hazard has much in common with craps. The French lay claim to the game, as they also developed a handful of games that bet on rolls of the dice. Even the ancient Romans played dice games, and may have developed games similar to craps.

The Crusades

Probably the most valid explanation of the origin of craps comes from the Crusades. One of the first appearances of the game came from Sir William Tyre, an English knight who fought in the Crusades. He describes lying in ambush and passing the time playing a simple dice game very similar to the craps we play today. The game may have been taught to him by prisoners from the Arabian Peninsula. When he brought it back to England and taught it to his friends, they began developing complex systems of bets. As it passed from player to player and culture to culture, it grew into the game we know and love today. Choose and play craps with one of online casinos that provides the best experience.

Whether it comes from the medieval Middle East, the castles of France, or the Holy Roman Empire, it's definitely true that craps is here to stay. Always remember to play online craps at trusted and secured casinos online.